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About us
BookingMyVacations is a travel agency (not a resale website) dedicated to tourism that offers a selection of medium and high-end travel at exclusive rates. 
BookingMyVacations presents exclusive and carefully selected offers on travel and hotels, in the United States and abroad. We offer discounts of up to 70% on the price you would pay by booking on any other site. Are you wondering how it is possible? Well, even the best hotels happen to have empty rooms ...

Our philosophy:
We always and only present hotels and stays that we consider a head above the others: three-, four- and five-star resorts and hotels that we are sure everyone will like.

All our hotels and resorts, as well as the offers, are carefully chosen and prepared by experts in the sector. You will find cozy country boutique hotels, as well as design hotels at your disposal. Five-star wellness stays and dream holidays on tropical beaches.

How does it work:
At BookingMyVacations, we think that booking a holiday should be a pleasant and stress-free experience. So we decided to create a site where you can present a range of unbeatable offers carefully selected and accessible to all.

During the duration of one of our sales, we guarantee that that price is the best on the web.

We can have up to 150 offers in progress in the same period, but we will keep you updated via email regarding the news of the week.

Our team:
Our team is made up of tourism and leisure professionals, travel agents, buyers and marketing specialists, constantly committed to understanding and anticipating the needs of BookingMyVacations members, creating exclusive travel solutions at advantageous prices. Our customer service is made up of dedicated and prepared staff to assist the customer in every moment of his experience with BookingMyVacations, before, after the purchase and during his vacation!

BookingMyVacations has its registered office 135 Pinelawn Rd Ste 140N, Melville, NY 11747, United States

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