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Privacy and data protection policy:

BookingMyVacations is responsible for the processing of personal data collected on the site. BookingMyVacations end eavors to protect privacy during visits to the Site in the best possible way. The user who becomes a member of BookingMyVacations accepts our privacy policy, aimed at answering all user questions regarding the processing of his personal data. .

BookingMyVacations sends various types of emails:

E-mail relating to the user's order: confirmation of the trip, sending of travel documents, satisfaction questionnaire.
BookingMyVacations Newsletter. From their account on the Site, the user can manage the sending frequency.
Mail: welcome, information related to the cycle of activity or inactivity, news related to BookingMyVacationsand member benefits
Personalized emails: for more information, go to the "Personalization and optimization of my experience" section.

To facilitate access to BookingMyVacations services, when the user clicks on the content of the emails we send, he automatically connects to the member account. We therefore ask the user to pay attention when transferring an email to a third party, since they may have access to the information registered in the user's account.

A link to unsubscribe is present in all communications sent, to allow the user to freely stop solicitations at any time.

The data collected

The data that is transmitted to us voluntarily

At the time of registration, when you fill out a form to order a trip or change your account information, BookingMyVacations collects personal information about you and that you agree to communicate to us.

Personal information includes in this case the email address and password, as well as information on the user and his favorite passengers, in the case in point, surnames, names, citizenships, dates of birth, telephone numbers, postal and electronic addresses, number of passport and expiry date, as well as any opinions left on the Site after a trip.

When the user sends us the information on his credit card, we propose to record the data to facilitate any further transactions made on the Site  In the event of a customer agreement, only the expiry date of the credit card and a bank transaction ID are stored. This information can be used for further payment, through our secure payment platform.

Browsing data

When the user browses the Site, BookingMyVacations collects the information related to the browsing session. The browsing history on the Site or in the Applications is thus collected: pages visited, searches made, reservations, request for a quote, opening of BookingMyVacations newsletters and clicks on offers.

When the user browses the Site, BookingMyVacations associates a unique identifier with the user's devices and collects the information connected to the browser or operating system used (Apple or Android), as well as its version.

BookingMyVacations uses cookies to store information and access it (for more information, go to the Our Cookies Policy section).

What do we do with user data

The personal data collected concerning the user are subject to computer processing for the following purposes:

Order processing

When users have placed an order on the Site, the personal data necessary for the processing of the order are communicated to BookingMyVacations  service providers, concerning the user's stay (hoteliers, companies, tour operators, hospitality companies, etc.). On the other hand, these data are also processed for monitoring the customer relationship as well as for BookingMyVacations 's accounting needs (invoices).

Thanks to the analysis of navigation data and any indications entered by the user on the Site, we send personalized emails or advertising messages regarding BookingMyVacations services, to offer trips more relevant to user searches, and related to the functions proposed on the Site ( alarms, sales openings).

Similarly, and only if the user wishes, he can receive our notifications in the browser (to activate the notifications, in Mozilla: Option> Content> Notifications, in Chrome: Parameters> Advanced parameters> Content parameters> Notifications).

The study of data related to the use of the Site by the user allows us to improve the service offered when the user browses the Site: thanks to these analyzes, we can offer him offers that seem more relevant to us, taking into account his experience.

Statistical analysis

Reservation data is used to make statistical analyzes that allow us to pilot BookingMyVacations's commercial activity.

Shared data

The user's data are shared with the suppliers interested in the order, for the correct execution of the same.

In this context, your data may be transferred outside the European Economic Area. If you book a stay in a destination outside the EEA, the data necessary to process your booking will be sent to our suppliers.

Some countries may provide a lower level of personal data protection than guaranteed in Europe. In this case, BookingMyVacations undertakes to take all necessary measures to ensure that personal data is protected and processed by our suppliers in accordance with EEA law, in particular through the application of standard contractual data protection clauses approved by the Commission. European Union or contractual clauses previously authorized by the competent supervisory authorities.

On the other hand, and to implement the personalization of the user experience, we collaborate with providers to whom we delegate the sending of communications or the collection and processing of data so that they are analyzed and allow us to improve our offer of services or to personalize our communications. In this context, we only transmit the necessary and sufficient data to carry out their assignment. On the other hand, our service providers are contractually engaged so that the personal data received is processed only within the defined scope and in compliance with the law.

For the purpose of targeting by BookingMyVacations, we may also transmit some user data to partners or advertising platforms, in particular the products that the user has viewed on our site, the elements relating to the user's quotes or orders ( in this case, the destination, the date of departure, the number of passengers), the unique identifier of the mobile phone and the operating system and in some cases the email address encoded in a highly secure format.

If the user has expressly accepted to receive offers from our partners, his email address and / or information relating to his registration may be transmitted to them for customer research purposes. BookingMyVacations undertakes to send a link to unsubscribe in all communications from its partners, to give the user the freedom to stop sending at any time. The user also has the option to no longer receive any offers from BookingMyVacations  partners in his member account, under the "Subscriptions" section.

Data retention period

The personal data that the user communicates to us and relating to his member account, his reservations, as well as his browsing data are kept for a period of 10 years from the last activity on the Site or from the end date of the last travel.

After this period, the member's account will be automatically deactivated and the user will have to create a new one if he wants to take advantage of our services

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